NMG provides strategic and innovative public relations services to a wide range of clients across a number of industries including health & beauty, home & building, food, retail, fashion, lifestyle, corporate and government. We offer results-driven PR & Social with unique, insightful and creative ideas that work within your budget.

In today’s cluttered business landscape, connecting and communicating with your customers involves successfully utilising the power of evolving technologies alongside traditional media. Our team of experienced and talented PR & Social professionals are strategic thinkers who develop the right angles and content, draw upon comprehensive media, blogger and influencer contacts, offer creative ‘out of the box’ ideas and have your customers communicating, engaging and selecting your brand for the long term.



We take a strategic approach, always considering your marketing objectives, the media landscape mix and we remain true to your brand. At NMG we can provide stand-alone PR and/or Social activities or we can ensure your PR is integrated into an ongoing campaign or strategic direction. In fact we can also help you develop your strategy and creative as well. We also take an integrated approach to individual PR & Social tactics, making editorial content work harder when combined with promotional, event and brand alliance partnerships.
Building awareness or brand loyalty through compelling and positive stories regarding a company, product or service is what we do everyday. As such, we have excellent relationships with the media (including bloggers) and leverage these relationships for our clients. We are in constant touch with all areas of the general consumer and trade online, broadcast and print.

The most cost-effective way of getting a company or product noticed by bloggers, journalists and editors is to have continuous engagement and media liaison which can result in profile stories, spokesperson opportunities or editorials.

Our primary role is to tell our client’s story and generate publicity in targeted media outlets. Developing the right angle, writing and distributing newsworthy media releases which provide valuable information to journalists and editors, is vital to obtain publicity and editorials. Engaging with media all day every day means we understand what they need to make their life easier!

Whether the aim is to increase a person’s profile, obtain spokesperson opportunities or product placement, our media contacts along with our copy writing skills come together to ‘sell’ our clients to the media.

Influencers, KOL’s and brand ambassadors are key to reaching target customers. We are experienced in identifying, negotiating, formalising contractual agreements, managing and maximising the opportunities of Influencers, KOL’s and brand ambassadors for brands.

We understand that the best influencers are advocates. We are adept at leveraging NPS to maximise existing advocates as influencers.

Media releases which are punchy, to the point and tell a newsworthy ‘story’ provide journalists and editors with easy access to valuable information which can form the basis of a great article or interview.

Our copywriting comes into its own with our content for social media campaigns, when short, sharp and punchy is key to communicating! In essence, copy writing is the ability to tap into the true power of the written word. The media is a powerful tool that can be used to promote a person, product, business, opinion or idea, with the ultimate intention of motivating the reader or listener into action.

NMG’s wider creative, marketing and PR & Social business mix offers our clients the unique ability to develop strategic alliances with like-minded brands. Where possible, we try to bring complimentary brands together.

We often find that up to two or more brands can partner together to work on a campaign, or an element of a campaign, that provides a benefit for all of the brands involved. This positive brand alignment strategy can open up niche markets and raise brand awareness in areas previously not accessible.

Crisis communications requirements arise when you least expect them. We are experienced in managing crisis communications together with clients across many industries. This can include develop crisis communications plans just in case a crisis emerges, managing crisis communications when a crisis occurs and media training for clients.
When there’s a new product or service, the media want to know about them! We make sure we captalise on every spark of media interest – maximising PR & Social spend and tailoring the media presentation according to the best approach for the brand. NMG often presents new products or services through engaging and exciting launch events which are informative and get the brand in front of key media and influencers. And sometimes it’s better to have a media round table discussion with an expert, a boardroom tour, showroom presentation or a coffee catch up with an editor or blogger for some quality one on one time with the brand.
To provide an integrated approach to PR & Social, we include experiential campaigns into the PR mix via sampling campaigns, guerrilla marketing and interactive events. We develop strategies that heighten the positioning and raise awareness of our client’s product or brands through the planning and management of promotional events, giveaways, media partnerships and activities designed to arouse interest and facilitate a trial of a product or service.

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